February 29, 2016

Self-Care Specialist Team

kl_valentine (2)Self-Care Tips was born in response to a need in the world, and within Editor-in-Chief, Krista-Lynn Landolfi, after her life was derailed by a series of devastating losses. Krista-Lynn’s journey to becoming a Self-Care Specialist™ began after the sudden death of her father, when grief collided with chronic illness, resulting in a catastrophic health crisis requiring extreme self-care. A pioneer in the field of Transformational Coaching, Krista-Lynn founded Soul School.us [est. 1990] as a teenager. Throughout her decades of service she’s helped thousands to breakthrough limitations and actualize their awesome! Krista-Lynn has a gift for seeing the infinite potential within another, and calling forth their “Super Self”, which is the best an individual can be. The key to actualizing our greatness, in this master coach’s opinion, is simple: self-care.  


kim2Clinical Nutritionist & Health Coach, Kim Sonsini educates on the beneficial power of nutritional cleansing and healthy daily habits. When diagnosed with Breast Cancer Kim opted to forgo chemotherapy or radiation for natural methods. Today she is healthy, happy & enjoying her 8th year cancer-free!



Angela Hager, Founder, Life Ventures & Consulting LLC and Empowered Living Essentials, has over 20-years experience in the personal growth and development field. Angie’s speciality is working with heart-centered entrepreneurs and individuals to find their unique vibrational signature and cultivate a toolbox that promotes vibrant health, well-being, and self-care.




karen1When asked, “How are you?” Karen Oehm responds, “Lucky to be alive!” In 2014 this mom of four woke from emergency brain surgery with renewed passion and a clear purpose. In the year since she’s completed Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy certification, while juggling full-time parenting.