95% of People Don’t Achieve Goals,
Here’s the Secret to Success.

As a child I bet you spent hours of time exploring, “Who am I going to be when I grow up?”

Imagination runs wild in our youth, we’re filled with fantasies and believe anything is possible.

With no fear of failure, and little knowledge of what’s required to bring a dream to life, children chart course for the future, claiming their chosen role of doctor, movie star, or President of the United States, with faith they will be whatever they want!

You and I are no different.

There was a time when we believed our future role in life required little more than choosing.

Then we grew up.

For most of us, ‘growing up’ means dreams of unparalleled fulfillment get put on the back burner in exchange for ‘real life’, which typically revolves around responsibility, and for many, a struggle to survive. Putting food on the table is a need, and need trumps desire.

Though easy to blame our lack of initiative on societal structures, family obligations, or pragmatic thinking, the real reason people set their heart’s desires aside is because humans, by nature, are quitters. Now before you get your panties in a bunch hear me out.

Do all humans quit on their dreams?


But sadly, most do.

Based on a study by the Harvard Business School, [approximately] 95% of humans will NEVER turn their dreams into reality.

Why?  Because fear takes over and most people get scared off by the mere thought of obstacles, quitting during the idea stage (dream), before they’ve even started (goal). In fact, the study shows that 70% of people have no goals in life whatsoever! At best, they have dreams, which typically equates to fantasies; ie: never gonna happen.

While fantasies can be fun, dreams are child’s play.

Goals are for grown ups. A dream is a wish, while a goal is a commitment to achieve something within a given a timeline. A goal is clearly defined and includes plan of action.

Let’s put it into perspective the difference between a dream and a goal: if you want to drop forty pounds and be healthier, stronger, and more fit, dreaming about it may feel good, but it won’t create the results you desire. If there’s no action, it’s just a dream, when you wake up, your situation will be exactly the same.

Change requires action. On average, 30% of people will commit to ‘Go for it’ . . . but they, too, will not follow through. Of this remaining 30% of people, 10% try to pursue a goal, but quit when faced with the first obstacle, and 15% quit after the first few stumbling blocks.

Few have the staying power of Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb, who tried and failed 10,000 times, before seeing the light. He stands atop an elite group: a mere 5% of humans who follow their dream through to reality – no matter what it takes to actualize!

What sets this group of individuals apart is this: they have clearly defined goals and follow a plan of action, and if that plan doesn’t work they come up with another. The 5% of people who bring their goals to fruition achieve more than the other 95% COMBINED!

What category will you choose to be in?

Personally, professionally and financially, only 5% of people are rising to the top because the other 95% is hiding in the dark. Step into the Light! I promise you that just beyond that challenge is a reward greater than any you’ve ever known.

Hear these words: you deserve optimal health, vibrant wellness and joyful aliveness. You deserve to thrive, prosper and live a fulfilling life guided by a deep sense of meaning and purpose.

Here’s the catch, only you can create that for yourself. You alone have the power to turn your dreams into reality.

I ask you to take the first step today, right now.

To start, pick one area of your life that you’d like to improve. The Wheel of Life will help you discern where you’re going to get the most ‘bang for your time investment buck’. Take time now to get honest with yourself regarding your level of fulfillment with the various areas of your life; rating each area on a scale of 0-10, with ten signifying the highest level of fulfillment.

Start with the area of your life that demands your immediate attention, or the one that brings you the most joy when you imagine a ‘new and improved’ version of yourself.

Now that you know what you want / need, it’s time to commit to a goal! Remember, a goal is clearly defined, has a timeframe for completion and is trackable.

Keep your goal specific and simple.

Once clear on your goal (results you desire) it’s time to choose the actions you will take (steps forward) that ensure you can easily gauge your progress (or lack thereof).

Suss out what you need to say, “No” to, in order to say, “Yes” to your desire, then commit! Once you’ve ‘cleared the path’, start moving forward, one positive, life-affirming step at a time.

Small, consistent steps lead to great leaps forward.

  1. Write down your goal and action plan in a notebook.
  2. Check-in daily to assess if you’re making the best choices.
  3. Celebrate every teeny-tiny bit of progress, and when you get off-track (which you probably will), quickly adjust.

The old adage of ‘getting back on the horse’ after we fall is a good one — resist the urge to give up, or worse, beat yourself up over perceived failure— simply get up, dust yourself off, and get going again! The key to success is to prioritize yourself, and your goal. You’ve committed, now you must not quit

Know that I am rooting for you, I believe in you, and the amazing possibilities for your life! Join me at www.facebook.com/selfcaretips to share your goal and celebrate your progress, together, as a community, we can provide each other daily accountability, encouragement and support!

The ‘secret to success’ is simple: commit, don’t quit.

DON’T GIVE UP! Even if it takes you 10,001 tries.


By: Krista-Lynn Landolfi

A pioneer in the field of Transformational Coaching, Self-Care Tips editor-in-chief, Krista-Lynn Landolfi, founded SoulSchool.us [est. 1990] as a teenager. Throughout her decades of service she’s helped thousands to breakthrough limitations and actualize their awesome. Krista-Lynn has a gift for seeing the infinite potential within another, and calling forth their Super Self, which is the best an individual can be. The key to actualizing our greatness, in this master coach’s opinion, is simple: self-care. To learn more about Krista-Lynn’s work, which includes one-on-one coaching, spiritual guidance, group programs and retreats, visit Krista-Lynn.com


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Here’s the Secret to Success.

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