Dark Days? Just Add Color

Unlike our clothing, our lives must be custom designed. if they are to fit well.

Unlike our clothing, our lives must be custom designed. if they are to fit well.

It has been proven that when we look good, we often feel better. That’s because it’s a lot easier to believe you are fabulous, when you look fabulous. If you want to start exploring new options for your life, why not start with your wardrobe? Experimenting with color and style is a safe way to try on a new you and gain new perspective for your life.

Adding colorful accessories like a purse, necklace, or pair of shoes can change your look, and your outlook on life. With every visible change you make to your wardrobe see yourself able to make changes in your life just as easily. Imagine that you can adorn yourself with qualities like, optimism, confidence and enthusiasm, while discarding all doubts and fears, like an old coat that no longer fits. Once you have refocused your mind on the positive you will feel empowered to make other improvements and changes in your life.

Unlike our clothing, our lives must be custom designed, if they are to fit well.

Adding color to your wardrobe can be an instant mood lifter, shifting both your perspective and how others view you. Red renews passion and says “I am sexy and alive” Yellow boosts confidence and says, “I am powerful and compassionate.” Orange, will restore your vitality while expressing, “I am creative and courageous.” Prisons and hospitals are painted light blue because the color has a calming effect and induces a state of peace. Every color in the spectrum emits an energy that affects us; the real reason women are so drawn to shades of pink, is that this color reflects our natural state of unconditional love.

The next time a dark mood threatens to take over your day, lighten up with some color.

  • Red lifts the spirits by stimulating passion and enthusiasm. It is a powerful color which stirs the inner fires, increasing intensity. When you wish to make a bold statement, red will help you to captivate your audience and claim attention.
  • Orange increases vitality while expressing uniqueness and creativity. When you wish to express your individuality, orange is a dynamic choice.
  • Yellow has a centering affect and reconnects us with our personal power and sense of self worth. Infuse your wardrobe with a bit of yellow when you need to make an important speech; it portrays confidence and encourages trust.
  • Green has an incredibly energizing affect on the body, this color will help you to relax and feel comfortable in any situation. Green is the color of life and love. Next time you are outdoors amidst the grass and trees, stop to enjoy the view, while taking three deep, slow breaths-you will feel instantly refreshed.
  • Blue emits a peaceful, yet strong vibration and aids us in clear communication. Just as the sky and sea are in constant movement, the energy of blue shades will help us move forward into the flow of life; wear during phases of expansion and growth.
  • Violet is the color of royalty and offers protection from lower level energies. It is often called the color of mystics. Add purple to your wardrobe when you wish to connect with your spiritual side.
  • White connects us with the Divine. It reflects a positive nature and exudes a sense of purity and innocence. Wearing white is great when you are making a fresh start; it reflects the energy of a clean slate and opens one to the realm of possibilities.
  • Pink is great when you want to feel like a girl again. This ultra-feminine color exudes a calming sense of unconditional love. Pink is uplifting and energizing. If you find red to be too intense, pink is a great alternative. Red stimulates physical attraction, while pink stimulates a love match.


Contributed by Krista-Lynn Landolfi 

A pioneer in the field of Transformational Coaching, Self-Care Tips editor-in-chief, Krista-Lynn Landolfi, founded SoulSchool.us [est. 1990] as a teenager. Throughout her decades of service she’s helped thousands to breakthrough limitations and actualize their awesome. Krista-Lynn has a gift for seeing the infinite potential within another, and calling forth their Super Self, which is the best an individual can be. The key to actualizing our greatness, in this master coach’s opinion, is simple: self-care. To learn more about Krista-Lynn’s work, which includes one-on-one coaching, spiritual guidance, group programs and retreats, visit Krista-Lynn.com

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