Dance Your A$$ Off!

tumblr_lpyflrKs0G1qg7wnco1_500_largeA dance a day can lift your spirits, transform your body and bring more joy into your life. Not only will you be happier if you have a dance a day (and I guarantee this!) but you will relieve tension, stress and anxiety as you shake your booty and move your hips.

If school children were given more freedom of movement -allowing them to stretch and wiggle about- I believe that we would see a rapid decline in diagnosed cases of ADD and ADHD. Many of these kids aren’t battling an illness or issue, they simply need to move.

My own work improved greatly when I began playing music in the office and gave myself permission to dance about, rather than stay glued to my chair. We all work best in different ways. Some of us need complete silence to find our zone and others thrive while multi-tasking, eventually though, we all need a break. Ideally, we all need time each day just to be, time to simply listen and reflect, which is a form of meditation.

When you think of meditation you probably imagine someone in the lotus position (legs crossed) with hands in prayer pose, either silent or chanting a mantra like OM. While this is one form of meditation, another is the strength building movements of Yoga. Anything that calms you and helps you to find your inner peace can be seen as a form of meditation.

I have found dance to be one of the most effective forms of meditation for me. I center and ground while moving through any apparent blocks or stiff spots in my body. I am free when I dance.

Dancing helps me to focus and find my flow. Whenever I feel stuck I can find a tune that will get me on my feet and out of my rut. Try it: next time you are spun for a loop, or stressed to the gills, turn on the music, get up and dance! I have found that on days that I dance I am happier, more relaxed and generally more productive. When I forget (and how easily we do) I start to feel jammed up, I am achy and tense; both in body and mind.

Dancing not only clears my mind, it keeps my body toned and limber.  If you’ve got a few pounds to shed dancing is a great cardio workout, you can literally dance your ass off!

Many gyms and clubs now offer classes in various forms of dance. I choose to simply turn on the stereo and go. Like many of us, I dread the idea of a work out. While dancing can be strenuous the more I dance the more I need this time I see as play, and not work. Dancing has not only transformed my body, it can instantly shift my mood when I am down.

The one proven remedy I have found to alleviate stress, tone muscles and increase joy is to get up and dance!


Contributed by Krista-Lynn Landolfi 

A pioneer in the field of Transformational Coaching, Self-Care Tips editor-in-chief, Krista-Lynn Landolfi, founded [est. 1990] as a teenager. Throughout her decades of service she’s helped thousands to breakthrough limitations and actualize their awesome. Krista-Lynn has a gift for seeing the infinite potential within another, and calling forth their Super Self, which is the best an individual can be. The key to actualizing our greatness, in this master coach’s opinion, is simple: self-care. To learn more about Krista-Lynn’s work, which includes one-on-one coaching, spiritual guidance, group programs and retreats, visit

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